Almost all rooms are shared. The palais has many bedrooms, but we are even more people! You will be able to choose your roommates.

For every type of donation, you can choose the patronage option which is an additional €50. These funds allow to make Open Blues even better and to support scholarship dancers, who would not be able to attend the festival without your help. If you choose this option, you will receive a small homage to Severini’s “Pan Pan Dance” painting. It’s a 30x30cm, 100% silk handkerchief with hand-rolled hems (have a look) that normally sells for €30. Of course, you can donate even more and we’ll make sure to surprise you with something extra nice!

There are three accommodation options:

  • Bed
    • a single bed is €150 (or €200 patron ❤)
    • a double bed with another consenting adult – €100 (or €150 patron ❤)
  • Mattress (no sheets, but you can ask local participants to bring some) – €100 (or €150 patron ❤)
  • Floor or Tent –  €70 (or €120 patron ❤)
  • Scholarship – €25

Beds are very limited, so book early to make sure you’ll get one. If space runs out, you will be automatically downgraded to the next best option unless you let us know.