Near the Polish-Czech border, Piotrowice Nyskie is relatively easy to reach by plane with a 1-2h drive from the nearest airports and large transportation hubs. Check out the venue.

If you have any trouble or questions, get in touch on Facebook or via contact@openblues.pl!

Blues Bus

We will arrange a private hire bus to pick us up near Wrocław Central Station at 5pm on the 14th of June 2018. It’s a 1h30min drive. Please tick that you are interested in a blues bus during registration. We will be back before 4pm on Sunday. Afterparty in Wrocław.


Check out your flight possibilities from
– Wrocław
– Ostrava
– Katowice
through skyscanner.net. There are return flights available for less than 50€ for many countries. You can also fly to Warsaw, Cracow etc. and we’ll help you get to get to the venue, just write to Daria Cichoń on Facebook.

Check out your further possibilities on e-podroznik.pl.

Flights within Poland

Travel within Poland is very cheap with most intercity train tickets costing less than 20€ and regional trains costing less than 5€ (note that the ISIC card does usually not guarantee you the right to a student’s discount on travel).

Pick ups

If you can make it to Nysa, we can easily pick you up from there. Check out your travel possibilities on e-podroznik.pl.

By car

If you travel by car, please tick this in your registration form. We will greatly appreciate if you could help in our logistics by giving lifts to people or equipment.